Student Date of Birth:  3/1/2017 - 8/31/2015

5:1 average teacher to student ratio

*additional toilet training fee may be applicable

**students <36 months attend 9am-12n

students 3 years+ attend 9am-1pm


Students turning 4 before September 1, 2019

Heading to Kindergarten in Fall 2020 or 2021

8:1 teacher to student ratio

*Students attend 9am-1pm

Class program structures vary each year. All students are placed in a classroom with peers in their age range. Decisions for class placement and schedule for each individual student will be made as a staff, collaboratively, using a variety of factors including age, pre-kindergarten path, class diversity, parent input and consistency to set the groundwork for the most successful school year for your child.



$393.75 - 2 days per week (limited to students with a date of birth younger than 8/31/16)

$525 - 3 days per week

$630 - 4 days per week

$735 - 5 days per week

Families choose what days of the week their child attends, pending availability


The schedule will vary from class to class, depending on different activities introduced that day and the individual needs in a specific class, but can include the following:

Circle Time:  An opportunity for children to experience being part of a community, saying hello and sharing.  Circle time offers creative movement, music, games, and stories.

Group Learning:  Structured activity planned by the teacher using thematic curriculum.  Group activities vary from hands-on lessons, science experiments, and art.

Center Time:  Children learn through play.  During this time the students will learn through sensory activities, dramatic play, and creative expression.

Lunch Time:  Children bring their own lunch.  Time is set aside for students to eat and socialize while learning manners and self-care.

Inside Gross Motor Play:  Children play in Ballard Playspace each day.  Daily time is devoted to utilizing bikes, sliding, climbing, playing games on our indoor turf, and building obstacle courses in our state of the art gym.  

Outside Play:  Children enjoy our new outdoor space daily.  This space features plenty of space for outdoor learning, movement, free play and organized games.  Our outdoor space boasts a large custom boat-shaped sandbox, natural balance logs & stumps, sensory tables and more!

Messy Art Time: Children are regularly given the opportunity to make artistic decisions using various mediums, including paint, chalk, markers, watercolors, or other “messy” mediums. During this time students may also choose where they create - on the walls, paper, floor, etc.

Character Kids: Bible stories and character development are integrated into our day through Character Kids. During this time children we read a bible story that ties into a virtue. As we talk about these virtues we brainstorm ways we can use these virtues (respectful, loving, thankful, etc.) to interact with the people in our community. 

Social & Emotional Curriculum: At All-Star we believe your child’s social and emotional growth is of the utmost importance. We strive to give students the tools so they are able to independently navigate social interactions with peers and teachers and control and regulate their emotions. To achieve this goal we use two Social and Emotional Curriculums: Kimochi for our Twinkles and Astros classes, and Second Step for our Novas and Comets classes.

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